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All About Telescopes

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A telescope is a magical tool which connects us closely to the wonders in the night sky. Have you ever wondered how it actually works?

This course will only focus on the telescopes that we use to observe the visible light. These telescopes are easily found in any science store and are also a household commodity in various homes. In this course, we will discuss the physics behind the working of various types of telescopes, what determines the power of the telescopes, how to set up a telescope, what are the various parts of the telescope and how can you use it to observe the night sky like a pro!

We touch upon the history of the telescope: how it was invented and also track down the evolution of the telescope as an astronomical equipment. This is the 1st course of the 2 in the series; the other one discussing how to buy a perfect telescope (releasing soon). The course is open to all, as always!

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