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Why Study Astronomy ?

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Astronomy is the subject of the entire universe! allows us to jump into the world which has no boundaries. Astronomy is mind-numbingly massive subject and we as humans have spent years exploring it.
The more you know about it, the more interesting it gets. It is interesting to know the wonders of the universe, but we often tend to wonder why we should study about it?
In this course, Get ready to discover the edges of your imagination. Astronomy makes you realize how tiny you are and gives you a whole new perspective on life!
What lies beyond the beautiful images of the heavenly bodies? How astronomy is involved in our day to day lives? Why study astronomy? How do you get benefited from this? Hop on and join me now to find all these answers.

4 reviews for Why Study Astronomy ?

  1. Chinmay (verified owner)

    An awesome, eloquent and articulate introduction to the vast and mysterious field of Astronomy by Shweta and Team Astron.

  2. Asitkumar (verified owner)

    Good course. Nice explanation with audio & visual content. Nice work Ms Sweta & team Astron.

  3. Asitkumar (verified owner)

    Lets us know how to receive Certificate Of Completion

  4. Asitkumar (verified owner)

    I would like to suggest please affiliate existing & upcoming course with well known Indian Astronomy teaching university as MOOC’s. Will definitely give enhancement to certificate provided.

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