ISEC Information

Up for something new this summer?Be a part of our summer camp and spend three weeks doing
science with other adventurers. Our first international venture!!International Science Engagement
Challenge – ISEC happening in Spain.Who: 16-24 year old science enthusiastsWhat: summer camp
and research experienceWhen: August 15-31, 2019Where: El Solitario, Baños de Montemayor,
SpainCamp Fee: 625€ (for applications received by May 15th)Have you ever stopped to look at some
natural event, frowned and asked: Why? Why is the sky blue? Why can birds fly? Why do we have
eclipses? Why do we fall in love?Most of us are born with a beautiful, curious mind that
unrelentingly seeks answers. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets lost along the way. Despite
everything we have accomplished, sometimes science is taught in an old-fashioned way. If you’re
tired of long hours watching a boring teacher write unintelligible equations on the blackboard or fed
up with endless sheets full of meaningless exercises, you’ve come to the right place: Welcome to the
International Science Engagement Challenge (ISEC). Here you can explore your passion for science
with peers and mentors who share your enthusiasm. Here at ISEC we will do our best to provide you
with a fun and educational science experience without all the boring lectures. From the first day, you
will work on your very own science research project. All participants will have an opportunity to
learn new skills and concepts while completing a project under the supervision of a qualified mentor
with experience in the field.

Don’t wait too long the deadline for registration is 15th May.

Meet the mentors of ISEC

Özgür Can

Özgür Can is from Turkey and he will be able to mentor programming and computation projects
aimed at exposing beginner coders to Python and R. His research topic is mainly focused on
Black Hole X-Ray Binaries and the anomalies in their accretion disks.


Radka is basically from Slovakia who mostly grew up in the USA. If you have an interest in
astronomy or astrophysics, ISEC will be a perfect match for you. Under Radka’s mentorship, you
will be able to learn new concepts regarding the Universe we live in.


Carlos is from Spain and is ready to help you with Maths, and Physics. If you take a bunch of the
first and a bit of the second, mix and shake, you end up with the tools to explore some really
fascinating things!

Don’t wait too long the deadline for registration is 15th May.